Algorithms to Live By: The Computer Science of Human Decisions

Every day we have to make a myriad of decisions and confront a multitude of problems, both simple and difficult. This book will show you how we can glean insights from computer algorithms and apply them to help make our every day decisions a wee bit easier.

  • Why can I never find my favourite coffee cup
  • Which item should I tackle first on my to do list
  • How should I sort/file my email
  • Which load of laundry should I start with?

Computer scientists have been tackling questions similar to these since the invention of the computer and many of the solutions they have developed can easily be applied to how we live our daily lives.

They explain how to make better guesses, when to leave things to chance, how to whittle a long list of choices down to something more manageable, it will even give you good advice on where to park and how to make the decision to marry. With a little bit of thought, his book can help you make better decisions and save you time.




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